End Of An Era

Today I'm exactly one month away from handing in my last assignment. Ever. Ok, that might be a bit dramatic but technically if I don't do further studies there are exactly two weeks left of lectures and four before it's all over. The weird thing is, I've already lived the last day in my mind, the very first day of uni. As I was admiring my future self from a distance, how all that confidence and knowledge gained over the three years studying had changed me, I was barely recognisable. And yet, now that I've met future me, we are really quite alike. In fact alarmingly too similar. Am I being too pessimistic? Did I have very naive and unreasonable expectations of myself? Or am I just not lookin

First Time Home In Three Years

Going back home after such a long time felt strange because it was hard to reconcile the fact that a whole three years had gone by with the sensation that no time at all had passed. I often think ab