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Are we where I think we are?

Rising flames from the dark

I see you when I stare in the mirror

I’ll hold on to this moment

‘Cause we were never to part


I’m wearing all of my cuts and scars

Out in the open

Can’t believe I got this far

When I was lonely

I used to fall apart

Now I’m the only

To mend my broken heart


I know I’ve done me wrong before

Couldn’t stand who I’d become no more


I feel this power over me

Just like currents of electricity

Running through my body

Running through my body

Running through my body


Silent words echoed through my mind

I used to build my worth on what they left behind

It’s hard to tell which thoughts are right

I learned to let them go

When they’re not the ones I like



I can’t help it if there is nothing

That feels as good as me and you

It’s just this feeling but it keeps on growing

And I can’t deny, deny the truth

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