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A look like that ain’t hard to define

Seen it in the mirror about a thousand times

Can never read what’s on your mind

Even if you’re near you’re cold as ice


I say a look like that can hold no lie

No matter how much you try

So tired of breaking without asking myself why

When all that was good has gone and passed us by


But I won’t let nobody tell me I lacked the courage

I gave everything I had

And when that wasn’t enough

I did it all again

Holding my head up high

I see no point in living,

Always fearing

The sight of my own


What is hiding

In the darkness

Of my doubts

In the shadows,


What is moving

Like a virus

Through my mind

I’m in your shadow



Used to take me for granted

Now I question everything that I am

Starting to wonder

How was this ever enough?

See you true colors

Shining bright like a laser light

Pointed to my eyes

Blinding me, blinding me

Oh what couldn’t I see?



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